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Power supply:: 380V / 50Hz
Installed capacity:: 85KW
Appearance of production line (length × width × height):: 11000 × 3600 × 3600mm
Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: Asia-Pacific China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-01-16 16:54
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Company Detail
1、 Process flow:
Automatic feeding → extruder → manual mesh change → metering pump → rotary die head → die head transmission device → sizing sleeve → cooling traction → water pumping device → hot roll shaping device → automatic length counting and winding
2、 Technical parameters of main equipment:
1. Automatic feeding device
Maximum static pressure: 9800pa
Maximum air volume: 2m3 / min
Motor power: 1.1KW transmission capacity: 250kg / h
Suction head: 5m
Suction hopper capacity: 10L
The hopper is equipped with magnetic support and blanking port
2. Single screw extruder
Screw diameter: 65mm
Length diameter ratio: 30:1
Main motor power: 30KW
Screw speed: 0 ~ 90rpm
Speed regulation form: variable frequency motor, abb or Fuji controller
Cooling form of screw and barrel: fan cooling in zone 5
Temperature control: Fuji or RKC temperature control meter, SSR control of solid-state relay
Heating power: 21kw
Heating: Zone 5
Extrusion capacity: 100kg / h
Thermal induction mode: thermal resistance
Heater: cast aluminum heater
Screw and barrel material: 38CrMoAl nitriding treatment
3. Screen changing device
For manual screen change, a pressure sensor shall be equipped at the front and back of the screen and displayed on the operation panel.
4. metering pump
Cooperate with extruder to ensure stable feeding. The speed of metering pump is set and actual value displayed on the operation panel.
5. Rotating die head
Designed and processed by ourselves, spiral runner ensures the uniform and stable distribution of materials, multiple groups of bearing positioning, ensures the stable production, the die material adopts 38CrMoAl nitriding treatment, with overflow port. It can display the torque and set the upper limit of torque protection.
Heating power of die head: 8kw
6. Die drive
The frequency conversion motor direct coupling reducer is adopted, which is driven to the countershaft through the chain.
Motor power: 4kw
7. sizing collar
The setting sleeve is provided with a cutting knife to expand the mesh under water.
8. Cooling water tank - stainless steel
(1) The cooling water tank is integrated with the traction bracket and the traction roller;
(2) The bottom of the box is equipped with an active traction roller. The water tank is welded with stainless steel plate with a thickness of 6mm;
(3) The water tank is equipped with a manual water level overflow device;
(4) The water tank is provided with a connecting frame body with the machine head;
Traction speed: 0.5 ~ 8m / min
Motor power: 1.5kw
3 rubber roll diameter: 300 mm
Cylinder diameter: 80mm
Working pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.5MPa
9. Water pumping device
Power of water pumping motor: 1.5kw with speed regulation function
10. Hot roll shaping device
Control the stability of the hot roll by the mold temperature machine (the user can buy it by himself), dry and level the net material by the hot roll, and control the tension of the net material by the speed difference between the rollers.
11. Winding device
Driven by variable frequency motor, the electromagnetic constant tension winding, 3 '' inflatable shaft (two pieces).
Winding speed: 0.5 ~ 8m / min
Motor power: 0.75kw
12. Control system
(1) The extruder system adopts independent control cabinet;
(2) The auxiliary control system is online control.
(3) PLC control with touch screen. It shall be placed near the operating surface of die head. PLC should have 20-30% space for future use
3、 Technical parameters of production line
Power supply: 380V / 50Hz
Installed capacity: 85KW
Appearance of production line (length × width × height): 11000 × 3600 × 3600mm
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