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Dryer, oven, vegetable drying equipment

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Volume:: 800L
Temperature range:: RT can be adjusted and controlled within 200 ℃
Size:: 1100mm (L) x 1750mm (H) x 1200mm (W);
Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: Asia-Pacific China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-01-16 16:17
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Company Detail
1、 Application: widely used in oven: suitable for baking goods. Widely used in fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, meat products Precision baking, drying, processing, etc.
2、 Oven features:
2.1 SECC steel plate and fine powder baking paint are used outside and Sus stainless steel is used inside
2.2 new high temperature resistant long shaft motor
2.3 turbofan
2.4 silicone packing
2.5 over temperature protection, over load automatic power-off system
2.6 circulation system: forced horizontal air supply circulation
2.7 heating system: PID + S.S.R
2.8 temperature controller: automatic constant temperature, rapid temperature compensation function
2.9 timer: when the temperature reaches the time limit, the power-off alarm indication will be given
3、 Box size and structure internal size:
3.0 internal dimension: (depth) 800mm x (height) 1200mm x (width) 800mm;
3.1 internal dimension: (depth) 1100mm x (height) 1750mm x (width) 1200mm;
3.2 box volume: 800L
3.3 power supply voltage: 380V 50 / 60Hz;
3.4 heating power: about 5.5kw
3.5 the controller is located above the machine
3.6 the inner material is mirror 304 × stainless steel (national food safety level), the inner cavity is clean and smooth, easy to clean without residue, and has strong corrosion resistance. All internal materials are made of low pollution materials, and all inner barrels are welded by non trace argon arc welding.
3.7 the external material is SECC steel plate, and the high-quality steel plate is treated by baking paint.
3.8 the thermal insulation material is imported high-density glass rock wool, which has good thermal insulation and ensures the temperature insulation to the maximum extent. The tight material of anti tightness is high temperature resistant silica gel, which can withstand high temperature above 300 ℃ for a long time.
4、 Temperature control system:
4.1 temperature range: adjustable control within RT-200 ℃
4.2 accuracy: control accuracy ± 1 ℃,
4.3 distribution temperature ± 2.0 ℃ (no load)
4.4 heating rate: RT-100 ℃ (about 20 minutes)
4.5 the temperature control is the PID microcomputer automatic calculation PV / SV display, which can freely set the required temperature within the allowable range of the machine temperature according to the personal will, and can ensure the accuracy of its temperature control through the PID parameter setting in the table, and can also obtain the appropriate temperature control parameters from the self calculation of the system in the table
4.6 the temperature sensing input force Ca (k) type output is 12V.
4.7 the current controller is SSR contactless relay to maintain high current stability.
4.8 the heating material is honeycomb type stainless steel heating pipe, which has no pollution and long service life.
5、 Air supply system:
5.1 forced convection air supply circulation, the air source is driven by the circulation motor to drive the air wheel through the electric heater, and the hot air is sent to the oven from the air duct, and after use, the hot air is absorbed into the air duct as the source for re circulation heating, so as to reduce the energy loss and ensure the temperature uniformity in the oven. When the door opening and closing actions cause disturbance, the air supply circulation system can quickly recover the temperature value of the operation state
5.2 the motor is imported from Taiwan with long shaft and high temperature resistance, and the power is 1HP50Hz
5.3 the fan is multi blade turbine type with high strength, and is equipped with adjustable air deflector to make the air path run more smoothly.
6、 Main devices:
1. Ultra high temperature protection, no fuse switch, porcelain fuse, motor overload protection.
2. Timer 999 minutes
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