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Disc grinder, plastic card grinder

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Overall dimension of the machine:: 550 * 750 * 1000
Diameter of crushing chamber:: 180 * 160mm;
Crushing power:: 2.2kW;
Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: Asia-Pacific China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-01-16 15:48
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Company Detail
What can our machines do?
It can crush plastic cards with the length of more than 5mm and less than 180mm on each side, and the thickness is not more than 10 mm
The metal chips can be crushed together, and the thickness of the metal chips shall not exceed 3mm
Can crush CD staples, etc。
Mainly used in banks, mobile company stores, large supermarkets, used for the destruction of discarded bank cards, credit cards, discarded phone cards, recharge cards, membership cards. Not only destroy the plastic card, but also destroy the data information stored in the card by crushing to ensure the safety of the card user.
Take 7g plastic card as an example, about 7000-10000 cards can be crushed in an hour, and the fragments after crushing are less than 6mm
The fuselage color is gray white, with mute cover
Working voice below 80 dB
The whole machine has a net weight of 245kg and is easy to move with casters,
Box structure, safe and convenient operation, low noise and no dust.
Power requirements: single phase, 230V, 50Hz (office power), simple operation like fan。
Crushing power: 2.2kW;
Diameter of crushing chamber: 180 * 160mm;
Fixed knife: 2 pieces,
Moving knife: 3;
Mesh diameter: 3mm,
Crushed material: less than 3 mm
Feeding port size: 160 * 20MM
Overall dimension of the machine: 550 * 750 * 1000
Crusher screen:
Material drawing after grinding with an aperture of 6mmQQ截图20200116151416

Material drawing after grinding with hole diameter of 10 mm
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