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Split set product Production equipment

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Capacity:: 60000 pieces / month
Overall dimension of main engine:: 4300×2200×1100mm
Operating weight:: 500KG
Price: Negotiable
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: Asia-Pacific China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-01-16 11:36
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Company Detail
What can our equipment do?

Processing material: galvanized steel

Equipment features:
This device can cut and shrink at one time. The horizontal roller frame of the main machine of the unit is gantry type, with 8 horizontal roller frames and 9 vertical roller frames in total. The front and rear parts are respectively provided with an import mechanism and a knob adjusting device. The transmission mode is that the lower shaft is active and the upper shaft is passive, and the lower shaft is driven to rotate by the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, reducer and transmission gear.

The cutting mode is hydraulic tracking cutting. The tracking car is installed on the linear guide rail of the rack. The trolley is equipped with a hydraulic cutting device. When the anchor bolt touches the fixed limit switch on the fixed length unloading rack, the cutting device will hold the cutting anchor bolt and clamp it, and the anchor bolt will push the trolley forward. At the same time, the cutting mold will continue to move to track the anchor bolt to cut it. Cut off the lower anchor rod and roll it into the hopper under the frame, and the air cylinder will track it and return it to its original position.

Split set product A design chart:(customized according to customer requirements)
Production process:
Uncoiling - shearing, butt welding - leveling - forming - punching and cutting.
1. Unwinding and discharging: it is a hydraulic four-bar expanding and shrinking core. When replacing the strip steel, it will be reduced and expanded after installing the strip steel, so that its four support plates directly support the inner hole of the strip steel coil. During discharging, the forming machine drives the material tray to rotate to realize discharging. The maximum bearing capacity of the feeder is ≤ 2 tons.

2. Forming machine: the machine is composed of 8 forming horizontal rolls and 9 vertical rolls. The horizontal roll is mainly used for forming, which is a gantry side open type, with the characteristics of convenient roll changing and maintenance; two guide vertical rolls are installed before and after the first flat roll, which plays a guiding role for the strip steel, so that the strip steel can enter the flat roll frame smoothly and accurately; seven forming vertical rolls are installed between the two horizontal rolls and after the last horizontal roll, which plays a role of auxiliary forming, The straightening frame is installed at the last end of the main machine, and the finished bolt enters the straightening mechanism. Further adjustment of the straightening mechanism can improve the straightness of the bolt and correct the possible distortion in the molding process. The driving force of the main engine is a variable frequency speed regulating motor, which drives the lower roller shaft to rotate through a large torque reducer, cross coupling, intermediate wheel and gear, and the upper roller shaft is a passive shaft.

3. Hydraulic tracking punching and cutting machine: the cutting mode is hydraulic tracking cutting. The tracking car is installed on the linear guide rail of the rack, and the car is equipped with a hydraulic punching and cutting device. When the automatic control system detects that the bolt reaches the required length, the cutting device will clamp the bolt to be cut, the bolt will push the car forward, and the die will continue to move to track the bolt while punching out the opening, Cut it off and the cylinder pushes the tracking car back to its original position.
4. Hydraulic pump station: divided into hydraulic cut-off pump station and hydraulic uncoiler pump station

Main specifications and technical parameters:
1. Uncoiler:
Material width: 90-120 material thickness: 2.0-3.5mm
Inner diameter expansion and contraction range: ф 450-ф 520 bearing capacity: ≤ 2T
2. Molding host:
Roll shaft diameter: ф 60mm rolling line speed: ≤ 12m / min
Maximum strip width: 120mm maximum strip thickness: 3.5mm
Number of horizontal frame: 8 maximum adjustment of sliding block: 30mm
Roller installation type: gantry side open vertical roller frame number: 9
Main motor: v160l-4-22 22KW 1 set
Reducer: jzq500-40.17 1 set
3. Hydraulic pump station:
Motor: y132s-4 7.5kw y90s-4 1.1kw
Gear pump: cb-fc25 cbn-f306

Customers provide necessary conditions for production:
1. Ambient temperature: - 5 ℃ - 40 ℃

2. Relative humidity: ≤ 90% (25 ℃)

3. Cross current power supply: 380V (± 10%), 50Hz

4. Total power consumption: 30KW

5. Gas source: capacity of 1 cubic meter, equipped with 1 cubic meter air storage tank, air pressure of 6-8 bar.

6. Lifting equipment: more than five tons of crown block

7. Workshop scale (m): length × width × height: 25 × 5 × 5
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