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ball mill girth gear

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Brand: ztic
name: ball mill Girth Gear
Weight: Consumer drawings
Standards/Certificates: CE,ISO
Price: 3000.00USD/gear
Min.Order: 1 gear
Supply 100000 gear
Delivery: Shipment within 30 days since the date of payment
Address: Africa South Africa
Valid until: 2020-02-25 [Expired]
Updated on: 2019-02-25 13:59
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Company Detail
 Girth Gears offered find extensive application in different industry sectors including in sponge iron plants, steel & cement industry, mining industry, wind mills as well as in other industry sectors. These are made available in module range of 10 Module to 70 Module and in minimum diameters of 100 mm to 15000 mm. Further, these comprise maximum weight of 70 MT single pieces. Here the range of hardened & ground gear boxes/gears comprise Worm gear boxes, Helical / Double helical gears/gearboxes, Helical-Bevel gearboxes, Planetary Gearboxes and others.

CITIC IC Gear Cutting Machines include:

  • Ø16m CNC Hobbing Machine
  • Ø12m Gear Cutting Machine (Switzerland)
  • Ø10m Hobbing Machine (Germany)
  • Ø4m CNC High Speed Hobbing Machine (Germany)
  • Ø1.6m Horizontal CHC Hobbing Machine (Germany)
  • Ø5m CNC Profile Gear Grinding Machine (Germany)
  • Ø2.8m CNC Profile Gear Grinding Machine (Germany)
  • Ø1.25m CNC Profile Gear Grinding Machine (Germany)
  • Ø1m CNC Profile Gear Grinding Machine (Germany)
  • Ø0.8m CNC Profile Gear Grinding Machine (Germany)
  • Automatic positioner

Module Range:  10 Module to 70 Module.

Diameter : Min 100 mm to16000 mm.

Weight : Max 120 MT single piece.

Hardened & Ground Gear Boxes/Gears:

  • Worm gear boxes
  • Helical / Double helical gears/gearboxes
  • Helical-Bevel gearboxes
  • Planetary Gearboxes
  • Hardened & Ground Helical- bevel gears & Spiral-bevels gears/gearboxes.
  • Rack & Pinions


  • Min 3 hp to  Max 1400 hp
  • Splash / Forced lubrication type
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With more than 1000 girth gears sold over the world CITICIC Gear is a leading supplier in the cement and mineral industry. And as member of AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association), we do actively take part in defining the standard for gear rating calculations and service factors. 

We provide girth gears in three different designs

  • Fabricated steel
    - forged ring
    - rolled plate
  • Cast steel
  • Ductile (Nodular) cast iron  

Fabricated gears became more common in the past and are constructed with forged steel gear rim materials and electro welded body structure. The rings are manufactured from a whole block of high resistance alloy steel. After the rough machining of the ring, we carry out hardening and tempering heat treatment in order to improve the mechanical characteristic and therefore its relevant performance.  

Avantages of fabricated girth gears

  • The forged material structure excludes the risk of inclusions
  • Structure defects like gas holes, micro shrinkage, pin holes, hot tears, sand and slag inclusions are avoided
  • Hence, repair welding of the body structure and e.g. grinding of toothed areas is not required.
  • The fabricated manufacturing procedure excludes the need for patterns and risers
  • Rim material has higher hardness and higher strength than the material used for the underlying structure (i.e. web, gussets)

These features will reduce the lead time and costs. Fabricated manufacturing ensures a fast delivery.

This is especially beneficial in an emergency situation, where the existing gear rim is suffering from damage   


  • External teeth 
    Maximum diameter: 16000 mm 
    Toothed face width: 1700 mm 
    Maximum module: 45 by hob 
    Maximum module: 65 gear finishing cutter
  • Internal teeth 
    Maximum Diameter: 6500 mm 
    Maximum module: 25.4 
    Toothed face width: 400 mm


Forging material process 
• Forging 
• Final rolling 
• Furnace cooling 
• Control on production 
• Water quenching 
• Hardness testing 
• Rough machining 
• Ultrasonic testing and dimensional inspection 
• Final inspection certification

• AWS 
• DIN 

Our girth gears are applied in the cement and minerals industries: 
• Various types of horizontal mills 
• Rotary dryers 
• Rotary kilns 
• Any other large gear ring application

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